Leveraging Report Collapsibility

Vision 6.x introduced a bunch of new functionality in relation to reporting.  Much of this new functionality relates to how the reports are viewed and formatted.  One powerful new feature for report formatting is the ability to make groups within reports expandable/collapsible.  This functionality adds interactivity to reports and can make working with lengthy reports that contain a significant amount of information a little easier.  Below is a description of how you can leverage collapsibility within Vision 6.x reports.

The Scenario
Your organization utilizes an Opportunity by stage report that groups the Opportunity records by stage.   However, with numerous active Opportunities, this report gets rather lengthy and as a result can be difficult to consume.  The desire is to make this report a bit easier to view by allowing the viewer to drill into the areas in which they have interest.

The Technique
The Opportunity by stage report when not using the collapsibility functionality appears as shown below.  This is a typical list report showing all the records in the report within groupings according to the Opportunity stage.  As mentioned, this report can get rather lengthy in this format and it can be difficult to focus on a specific group of Opportunities without looking through the entire report.

When collapsibility is enabled in this report, the initial view will appear as shown below – all the stage groups are collapsed and presented with a + symbol adjacent to each group name.  When the + symbol is clicked, that group will then expand and expose all the records that are a part of that group – as shown below.  The groups can be expanded and collapsed as needed by the viewer to get at the information in which they are interested.

The Details
Enabling collapsibility in a report involves a very simple setting within the report options dialog.  Within the Sorting/Grouping tab, there is a column named Collapse/Expand.  By default, this column will be set to Disabled for each group.  However, by setting this to either Collapsed or Expanded, the collapsibility described above can be enabled.  If this setting is set to Collapsed, all of the groups will be collapsed by default; if set to Expanded, all the groups will be fully expanded.

The collapsibility functionality in a report can, as mentioned, add a level of interactivity to reports that can prove very convenient for report consumption.  Hopefully your organization can leverage this technique and in doing so make some of your reports easier to consume and navigate.


About Bret Tushaus

Bret joined Deltek in September of 2010 as a Product Director joining the Vision Product Management team. His mission is to find ways for the Vision product to continue to meet the changing needs of customers. A frequent speaker at industry events, he focuses on ways Vision can solve organizations’ operational pain points.
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