Getting Stuff Done

Feels Good to Get Stuff DoneIf you are like me, you are trying to start the New Year with goals and a clean slate.  As part of my New Year refresh, I decided to revisit all the apps I downloaded over the last year and determine which were helping me, which were just wasting my time, and which I never used.  I wanted to make sure as I was using technology to try to get things done, I was being more efficient, not less efficient.  I need apps that make my life easier, not harder, and I need to get stuff done.  What was most helpful to me and what did I keep?


Just a warning, this app is addicting.  The company’s website cleverly calls this app “your external brain”, and boy could I use one of those.  Evernote is one place to store everything that is in my life and on my mind – grocery lists, ideas I have for blog posts, books friends tell me are amazing, pictures of a wine label on that bottle I have to have again, that webpage I think is cool or could use in the future.  This app manages my life, play, and work.  I don’t know how I managed my 20 to do lists before this app. It’s never a good thing when you make a list and then you can’t remember where you put the list (this might have happened to me a few time and yes I know more of you than not are smiling as you read this because this too has happened to you).  I was a great list maker but if you can’t find the list, getting stuff done just doesn’t happen. I downloaded the app first on my computer and watched a few tutorials on how to use the tool and then I created my first to-do list (ideas I wanted to act on at work) and my first notebook (Planning a trip to NYC with family).  The fact that Evernote is with me wherever I go, where ever I am – on my iPad at a client meeting, on my iPhone at my son’s hockey practice, or on my laptop – makes this tool one I can’t live without.  Check it out

Kona by Deltek

I’ve been with Deltek for a little over a year.  When I first arrived, I kept hearing about this social collaboration tool called Kona.  Something about collaborating with others – my first thought was, “hey, I have email and I go to meetings and those work”, but wanting to be the good corporate citizen, I decided to find out what this was all about.  The first thing I did again was watch a few tutorials on how to use the tool.  One of the tutorials talked about using Kona to manage a book club…hmm, I was doing that with email, but 10 reply to all’s about where we were meeting that month was getting old and clogging up my inbox.  Maybe I could use this.  My manager also started to invite me to Kona spaces (spaces are really places to meet and collaborate on whatever topic you decide) to collaborate on the projects we were doing.  One of the first spaces I joined was one to launch a product.  It was great how Kona allowed our team to collaborate on the tasks we needed to get done and how we were able to save product launch documents in the space so we all had access to them.  We started conversations in the space and everyone was able to chime in. This was cool.  Next, I decided to get my family involved. Could we use the calendar in Kona to manage our family calendar and have conversations about who was going where when and how they were getting there easily? Amazingly, yes.  Now no one gets left at the hockey rink.  Kona quickly became an app to help me manage work projects and family projects all in one place.  Check it out


Dropbox is a free service that allows you to bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere.  A colleague turned me on to Dropbox . We were collaborating on a presentation that was too big to be sent via email (this was before I started using Kona).  Once I saw how he shared a directory in Dropbox and we both had access to it wherever we needed it, I was hooked.  Dropbox also enables me to share photos with my family who all live across the country easily – they can grab them, print them, do whatever they want with them without having to have the photos stored on some photo site . An added benefit is that all the files that are in Dropbox are safe even when you spill your coffee on your computer and can’t access the files (yes, I have done that).  Check it out

Vision Touch Time

If you have to enter your time at work, you know how fun that is.  If you are like me, the day timesheets are due, you are logging into the timekeeping program to log your time for the week.  The problem with this – Can you really remember exactly the time you worked on Project A and exactly the time you worked on Project B four days ago?  No?  Me either. I’ve got great news for all of us, Deltek Vision Touch Time allows you to enter your time from your mobile device.  Yes, from your mobile device.  I can see the fist pumps now.  Yes, no more logging into Vision to get your time inputted. You can do it from any mobile device.  This little app has saved me lots of time and my timesheets are much more accurate and timely now that I can enter my time anywhere at any time.  To try Touch Time, complete this survey.

I hope one or more of these apps can help you, too.  Share what apps you use and let me know what allows you to Get Stuff Done!


About Michelle Cipollone

Currently, Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek, Michelle has spent the last 18 years helping companies realize the value of ERP. Michelle's focus with Deltek is professional service firms and helping them realize their potential through project based ERP.
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