Timesheets now a part of Vision Navigator

As Deltek continues to enhance Vision Navigator, we are excited to announce that with the addition of the new employee workspace, a project manager or any employee in the organization can now enter their timesheet using Navigator.

No longer do project managers need to log into Vision to enter their time.  Navigator is browser-based so it can be accessed from any computer (PC or Mac) and even tablet devices.  Project managers can go from reviewing their project status to entering their time, just by changing workspaces in Navigator.

Even employees who are not project managers can access their timesheet by using Navigator.  From the browser on their computer (PC or Mac) or tablet device, they log into Navigator and enter the employee workspace which is where they will see their timesheet. This is perfect for front office employees like business developers or general employees who want to access their timesheet from anywhere, anytime using a simple, user-friendly tool.

Vision Navigator Timesheet

Completing the timesheet is simple. Easily look up the project, phase and task to assign
the hours worked.

Vision Navigator Lookup

Here’s what you can do in the new Navigator Timesheet:

  • Create your timesheet from any open time period
  • View all of your timesheets from the past, present and future
  • Copy your timesheet from a prior timesheet
  • Save & Submit your timesheet
  • Validate your timesheet against expected and budget validation automatically when you save or submit
  • Receive a prompt when comments are required but have not been entered
  • See what has or has not been approved
  • Once saved, your Vision and your Navigator timesheet are the same

Project Managers have asked for a faster way to review project information, schedule projects & resources, and collaborate on their projects from anywhere, and Vision Navigator is delivering.  Access your key project metrics, plan and schedule projects and even collaborate with Deltek’s Free Kona Social Collaboration tool which is now integrated with Navigator so you can collaborate with your entire team and manage the project from one place.

Navigator is currently in Limited Availability, but we still have a few open spots for firms still wanting to participate. Click here to get on the invite list. Navigator is no charge for Vision Customers on maintenance, so the time is perfect to take it for a test drive!


About Michelle Cipollone

Currently, Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek, Michelle has spent the last 18 years helping companies realize the value of ERP. Michelle's focus with Deltek is professional service firms and helping them realize their potential through project based ERP.
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