Merge Vision Data Directly into PowerPoint! Really? Is this new?

Did you know you could merge Vision information into PowerPoint directly with MODI (Microsoft Office Desktop Integration)?  Have there been times when you’ve copied and pasted from a Word Merge into PowerPoint for use in project interviews or when discussing your strengths internally while making the case to pursue a given project?

To most Vision users, MODI is used to create activities from Outlook e-mail or to pull individual contacts into Outlook so they don’t have to add the contact manually.  However, MODI can do a few other things that may make proposal drafting processes easier or can make it easier to prepare for interviews or strategy meetings.  Plus, MODI is part of the Vision licensing and is available to users via the Navigation tree.  (Note, you may not see the menu item until the Vision Administrator grants your user role access.)

And, No; MODI is not new, but with our Connect for MS Outlook and the Touch CRM tools, MODI is often a forgotten utility.  Let’s explore the merging functions into PowerPoint with MODI.

From within PowerPoint using MODI, you can

  • Merge data from Info Centers into PowerPoint® presentations
  • Search the Vision Text Library
  • Insert data from the Vision Text Library into PowerPoint® presentations

Info Centers available with MODI in PowerPoint®

  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Projects

It is really simple to create the PowerPoint “templates” and the MODI menu options guide you through the process.

Vision to PowerPoint

Figure 1 – Example Opportunity Template

With Project Templates, you can merge Project details into PowerPoint directly from Vision.  The example below shows the Team Members that were part of the project and may be proposed on the new project.

Vision- to PowerPoint

Figure 2 – Example Project Profile Template

To learn more about MODI and the PowerPoint functions, ask your Vision Administrator to enable access through security roles (Utilities\Download Integration).  Follow the on-screen instructions for installation.  Once installed, come back to the Download Integration screen in Vision and click on the Help menu.  You’ll be taken directly to the MODI help page.  In the Table of Contents, expand “Vision Desktop  and Microsoft Office Integration.”  Here, you’ll find information on the various MODI integrations, including Microsoft PowerPoint Integration.


About Tracy Peets, Sr. Principal Consultant, Deltek

Tracy Peets is a Senior Principal Consultant at Deltek with over 28 years experience in the professional services industry. Her focus areas include the Vision product line (CRM and Proposals), Deltek People Planner, and industry business development, marketing, and resource planning best practices.
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