Cut the Clutter with User Defined Info Centers in Vision 7.0

We all have them. The odd excel spreadsheet, access database or archaic hard copies and filing cabinet, those stepchildren of records which we tuck into various corners because they need to be kept, but don’t fit neatly anywhere.

With Vision 7.0, they might finally have a home. The new feature of User Defined Info Centers allows you to create and design your own info centers. Need a place to track your fleet of company cars and their maintenance? Want to keep the details of your master service agreements separate from projects, but enable projects in Vision to reference particular MSA’s? Wouldn’t it be convenient if job applicants resided in the same system as the employee records to stream line the hiring process? It’s all possible.


Upgrade to Vision 7 and be a champion of your information. Build your user defined info centers or ask us about our prepackaged user defined info centers such as the Recruits info center pictured above. Every user defined info center comes with reporting and workflow capabilities.

To see more of the possibilities with user defined info centers or learn about other features Deltek Vision 7 offers, read about what’s new in Vision 7 or consider taking the two hour online class ‘What’s New in Vision 7’.


About Jennifer Stevland

For more than 8 years, Jennifer has assisted Deltek clients first as a support analyst and now as a data consultant. Since 2007, she has aided clients in their transition from legacy systems to Vision and created stored procedures to help automate and streamline their Vision processes.
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2 Responses to Cut the Clutter with User Defined Info Centers in Vision 7.0

  1. Melissa Posinski says:

    How do I find out about the prepackaged UDIC you mention in the article? I don’t find anything in the Knowledge Center or Forums.

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