5 reasons you should submit a session for Deltek Insight 2013

Deltek InsightRight now submission for sessions for Deltek Insight 2013 is open until April 26th.  You may not know this, but many of the sessions delivered at Deltek Insight are not delivered by Deltek employees, but rather by Customers just like you.  So here are five reasons you should submit a session to be delivered at Deltek Insight 2013.

They never have a session on that topic you wanted to talk about.
You know how it is, you are interested in a subject.  You browse through the session listing and sure enough, it is not there again.  Why don’t they ever have that session?  Do they not know how important of a topic it is?  Even if you might not be the best speaker for it, you could get a few others that would be experts on the topic and submit it together.

I can do better than that guy.
Admit it, you have been sitting in a session and mumbled to yourself, “I could present that topic better or in a different way than that guy (or gal.)”  So now is your chance and odds are you are right, you can do it better, so let others see why you are right.

Industry Cred
Look, let’s be selfish for a minute (or two.)  You become a much more marketable person when you are well-known in the industry or in certain circles.  People who are well-known and have influence are typically very valuable to their employers.  Look, you know the people who present and command the expertise every year at Insight.  Now imagine if they were on the job market.  Could they command more demands than the unknown?  I am just saying…

Firm Cred
See #3 and apply your firm.  Need to convince your boss to let you go to Texas in October for fun … I mean meetings and learning, lots of meetings and learning.  How much more credibility do you need when 100s of other firms are learning from the best practices from your firm?  Want to be known as a leading firm?  That is one way to add to the credibility.

Special Speakers Room
Did you know that presenters at Insight have a special speaker’s room where they can go and prepare for their presentation?  Did you know there is unlimited free coffee, pop/soda and juice in this room?  Come on, free unlimited coffee!  OK, this one is pretty weak, but a top 4 list does not sound as cool.

Session submission is still open until April 26th, so go HERE to submit a session if you are interested.  You never know, this could be the start of you making the big bucks that ex-Presidents do on the speaking circuit.

Disclaimer: this is no way guarantees you will make the big bucks that ex-Presidents do no the speaking circuit.


About Brian LaMee

Currently the VP of Product Marketing for Deltek, Brian has spent the last 20 years working with project focused firms helping understand trends, best practices and tools through the industry that help people and organizations leverage tools to streamline their business and processes.
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