5 Things to Know about Vision in the Cloud

CloudAll this talk about the cloud left you in a fog? Cloud solutions that deliver software as a service provide lots of advantages, and can be a great option for your firm.  But not all cloud solutions are the same.

Here are 5 tips to help clear things up…

What is the cloud?

The cloud securely provides software as a service via the Internet – software is hosted in the cloud and accessed on-demand via a web browser.  Unlike on-site deployments, the cloud eliminates large resource & infrastructure requirements – no hardware to purchase & install, no environment to maintain, no updates to manage.

What is Deltek First?

Deltek First is the first-of-its-kind cloud-based management solution purposely built for the unique needs of professional service firms.  Deltek First places the proven capabilities of Deltek Vision within easy reach for today’s growing firm.

Is every cloud solution the same? 

No – it’s capability, not the cloud that makes a solution the perfect fit.  Only Deltek First is specifically designed for the unique needs of professional service organizations.  Only Deltek First is backed by 30+ years of experience serving professional services firms.  Only Deltek First can offer best practices based on 4,000+ global deployments of the proven Deltek Vision solution.

Isn’t the cloud risky? 

Not with Deltek. Your data in the cloud is yours alone – Deltek never mixes data among other firms. Deltek’s dedicated team has the singular focus of constant monitoring & maintenance – so our security safeguards likely exceed on-premises solutions deployed inside your firm.  Deltek experts are monitoring on-site 24/7, supported by constantly-updated advanced malware & anti-virus tools.

Why are firms going to the cloud?

“It was amazing the extent of non-billable effort each month being consumed in activities that were not core to our business. As a professional services company, time is our only inventory so we need to manage that extremely well to be profitable. With Deltek First Vision Essentials, every professional services firm now has the ability to acquire a purpose-built solution for our industry that is easy to acquire and simple to own.” Steve Titus, President, Aercoustics. Aercoustics is a Deltek Vision First Essentials and Deltek Kona user.

Click here for more information about Aercoustics and Deltek First Vision Essentials.


About Michelle Cipollone

Currently, Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek, Michelle has spent the last 18 years helping companies realize the value of ERP. Michelle's focus with Deltek is professional service firms and helping them realize their potential through project based ERP.
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