Fieldstone Unites Its Workforce in the Cloud

In 2012, Fieldstone found itself at a crossroads. While the organization was rapidly expanding its portfolio, Fieldstone’s increasingly mobile workforce and its need for project managers to know when designers were available for projects forced the firm to reevaluate its previous pieced together front- and back-office systems. These systems were creating challenges for employees who worked remotely –there were multiple systems that needed updating, they were hard to access and the information the employees needed was not in one central location. It was also challenging for Project Managers to schedule resources for different projects because no one had visibility into what resources were available to view.

Using Deltek First Vision Essentials (DFVE) has allowed Fieldstone to unite its workforce on one single solution and has allowed it’s project managers to have more visibility into and control over resources.  DFVE is easy to implement, simple to use and secure to access.  Watch the video or read the case study to see why Fieldstone chose Deltek First Vision Essentials.

Contact Deltek for more information  on Deltek First Vision Essentials.


About Michelle Cipollone

Currently, Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek, Michelle has spent the last 18 years helping companies realize the value of ERP. Michelle's focus with Deltek is professional service firms and helping them realize their potential through project based ERP.
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