Are You Collaborating Efficiently?

Do you remember just a few years ago, before we had mobile phones everyone had a pager? Pagers are virtually extinct now.  How about the fax machine?  When was the last time you had to send a fax? Over the years the way we collaborate and communicate has changed and evolved.

How are you communicating and collaborating in your business today?  I’m sure you are thinking, “duh, we use email” and I am sure most organizations today are doing just that. It has to be by far the most commonly used tool to communicate and collaborate.  In this competitive world though, every minute counts.  Efficiency in your organization is a must. Achieving that efficiency is where the challenge lies.  There is so much information that is thrown at us every day to monitor, analyze, act on.  What if we had a method to make this easier? That’s where social collaboration comes in.

What is Social Business Collaboration?

Social Business Collaboration leverages applications to enhance, cultivate and facilitate communication and collaboration in a way that feels natural and unrestricted…and happens from anywhere at any time.  So for example, on a personal level, think Facebook, it allows people all over the world to connect with each other. Social Business Collaboration is unlocking the potential of people and businesses by being the virtual equivalent of an open office environment. The future is going social. Mckinsey cites 75% of enterprise level organizations will adopt a social collaboration platform in 2013. So, why would you want to use a social collaboration tool when communicating and collaborating in your organization?

Social collaboration brings people together to collaborate with each other on projects, tasks and interests. It allows not just employees to collaborate, but it allows people outside the firm– like contractors and customers to participate in the process of completing the project. It allows for one common space for individuals to get together, share ideas, share tasks, manage tasks, share files, share calendars and collaborate with the entire group to move the project to completion.

Unlike email, social collaboration platforms allow for, collaboration in one space where conversations files and tasks are located, not via many many emails; document and file management so all the important information regarding your project is in one place, not in an email chain; and the ability to give people outside the organization who have responsibilities with the project access to information easily.

Check out Deltek’s Kona Social Collaboration Platform

Deltek Kona Space

Deltek Kona Space

Social business is here and it is changing the way companies collaborate to get work done together. Deltek is ready to help you ride the social wave with Kona, our social collaboration platform. Are you ready to get on board?

Are your project teams moving forward without leveraging the knowledge of others? Is organizing all of the ongoing email exchanges around projects and their statuses getting tedious, while others miss out on critical information? Sign-up for Deltek’s Kona platform and learn how effective project collaboration can improve project profitability and on-time delivery.

Join today for FREE and get ready for the debut of Kona Business … coming to a computer, tablet and smartphone near you in June 2013!


About Michelle Cipollone

Currently, Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek, Michelle has spent the last 18 years helping companies realize the value of ERP. Michelle's focus with Deltek is professional service firms and helping them realize their potential through project based ERP.
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