Have You Seen Vision Lately? Attach Documents to AP Vouchers and Expense Reports with Vision 7.1

One of the most time-consuming aspects of invoicing is gathering billing backup information to send along with the invoice. In Vision 7.1 we have added file attachment capabilities to transactions.  Now you will have the ability to attach a vendor’s, supplier’s and sub-consultant’s invoices to AP vouchers. These supporting documents can be easily reviewed by project managers and billers, and can be automatically printed with the invoice.

Attaching a supporting document to an AP Voucher transaction is easy. Simply select the new document icon and then you can upload the supporting document for the transaction. Vision allows you to associate many transactions with the same document, and also allows you to associate many documents with the same transaction.

AP Voucher

The following file types can be attached to AP Voucher and Expense Report transactions; PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, jpg, gif, png & tif. All files are converted to PDF at the time they are uploaded to Vision using SQL’s FILESTREAM capabilities so that the supporting documents can be easily compiled and printed with the invoice.

Your employees will be able to attach expense receipts to expense reports.  Attaching supporting documents to employee expense reports is just as easy.

Expense Report

Vision 7.1 includes reporting enhancements for TDM as well. The printed Expense Report  will display a document icon next to transactions that are associated with a supporting document.

Expense Report Submitted

These document icons will also be seen in AP Voucher and Expense Report posting logs, as well as the Project Expense Detail report.

Once the transactions have been posted, the supporting documents will be automatically available in Interactive Billing and Interactive Approvals (a new application which allows project managers to review submitted invoices on line).

Interactive Billing

You determine whether supporting documents should be printed with the invoice in Billing Terms for each project. Once enabled for a project, you can control the individual Print with Invoice setting for each document. By default, Vision will set a document to print with the invoice if the associated transaction is charged to a reimbursable or reimbursable consultant account.

You can also view all of the supporting documents for a project.

Interactive Billing

If you forgot to upload the supporting document at the time the ap voucher or expense report was entered into Vision, no worries! You can also upload supporting documents for these transactions in Interactive Billing.

Interactive Billing

When the invoice is accepted, Vision will print the supporting documents that are set to print with the invoice. The supporting documents will appear as additional pages to the invoice.

Once the invoice is posted, you may receive a request from the client to resend the supporting documents. If so, invoices on file will allow you to re-print the invoice along with the supporting documents.

Invoices on File

And finally, if you’re having trouble finding that supporting document that was uploaded last month, Vision 7.1 has that covered as well. You can use the new Files Administration utility to search for and view any supporting document that has been uploaded to Vision using SQL’s FILESTREAM method.

Files Administration


About Brent Johnson

Brent started with Deltek in May of 2010 as a Senior Designer for Vision. Prior to Deltek, he was an accountant in the A/E industry for 10 years.
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9 Responses to Have You Seen Vision Lately? Attach Documents to AP Vouchers and Expense Reports with Vision 7.1

  1. Clifton Kuecker says:

    Question for you about this feature.

    If the SQL server is designed for performance and not mass storage, where does the data stored via FILESTREAM get stored? Can the data via FILESTREAM be stored on a server other than the SQL server?

    • Hi Clifton,

      The Filestream database can be setup on the same SQL server as your Vision database, or another SQL server. These directions are provided in the Vision 7.1 Advanced Technical Guide.

      The Filestream data cannot be stored on a file server. Filestream data has be stored on locally attached storage on the SQL Server server (local disks or SAN), and cannot be stored on NAS or a fileshare on another server.

      Any other questions, please let us know.

  2. Drucilla Brookshire says:

    I use Vision 7.2 but SQL Express. Is this available to me as well? If so, how to I activate it?

  3. Malvina says:

    We’ve recently started attaching documents for AP vouchers but as noted above it indicates if you forget to attach the document that you can do so in Interactive Billing but when I tried it does not allow this and “black out” the Upload button. Is there something I need to do behind the scenes to get to going?

    • Jon Bornstein says:

      Malvina – ensure that the “allow changes to supporting documents” check box has been enabled for your role on the accounting tab of roles security.

  4. Pam Barnes says:

    The Atlanta Vision Users Group has requested a presentation and discussion of Filestream as used in Deltek’s Vision for their quarterly meeting on 6/18/15. Is there a Deltek associate or local consultant who could join us for about an hour or hour and a half that day? This has been the most requested topic. I am the group leader. Thank you.

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