How Does Your Firm Budget?

In my experience, the biggest factor missing in project management is a consistent method of budgeting.  Within a firm, budgets can be found in MS Project, Excel, and, in some cases, scribbled on the back of a napkin.  Navigator provides a user friendly environment to enter basic budget data allowing better control over project activity.  A single system of record enables users across the firm from C-level to the production team to see a consistent set of data which leads to business decisions being made based on common indicators.

Navigator was designed as a friendly tool for users to create and manage plans without expending large amounts of time.   It’s browser agnostic feature allows for use on tablets subject to firm security. The dashboard provides graphics relating to AR, WIP and budget vs actual data.  In addition planned and actual multipliers can be calculated.

Deltek Vision Navigator

By design, Navigator will update the work breakdown structure (WBS) in the plan to match changes made to the project.  This functionality provides the ongoing opportunity to plan for additional scope and fees.  When a plan is visited, any changes to the WBS will be apparent and should prompt users to update it.

Planned hours can be spread on various intervals including weekly and monthly.   The best practice is for users to update the plan on a monthly basis which generally coincides with accounting, billing and project reporting.   Actual labor hour and amounts are available in Navigator when timesheets are posted.  Users can then enter and spread a current estimate to complete (ETC).  Navigator calculates the estimate at completion (EAC) and shows the variance between the contract value and the EAC.

To request Vision Navigator for your firm, please click here.  Vision Navigator is no charge to Vision customers current on maintenance.


About Michael Kessler

Michael has over 25 years of experience working in and around project-based accounting in both the Government Contracting and Professional Services industry, focusing on Architecture & Engineering. Over the past 6 years, he has specialized in system implementations and application support primarily focused on Architects and Engineers. Michael's areas of expertise include the Vision product line (Accounting & Finance and Resource Planning/Navigator) and industry financial management best practices.
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