Array Architects discusses the value of Resource Planning/Navigator in business development

We love to share great content on this blog.  Customer Array Architects has kindly agreed to let us share its recently published call to action for clients hiring an architecture firm.

When selecting architects for a project, most prospective clients ask who will work on a project – the response to which are names and anticipated hours.  Array’s Chief Operating Officer, George Shmidheiser, suggests the more important information to ask for is, “How the firm you selected manages its resources to ensure project schedules across the entire firm are staffed appropriately to meet ever changing schedules. The answer to this question will be a better predictor of a firm’s success in meeting your project schedule, then a fancy colored spreadsheet with names and hours.”

George goes on to say that, “One of the ‘dirty little secrets’ of the A/E industry is that many firms have a limited understanding of their staffing requirements for both work on the boards and proposed work they are pursuing. For many firms, resources flex when month end P&L statements come out, putting them in a reactionary mode and their client’s project schedules in jeopardy. Not having a clear understanding of the quantity and type of resources required for both work on the boards and work under pursuit can be problematic for your project. For a firm to clearly understand if it has the capacity and the type of expertise needed to meet a project schedule, and to do something about any shortfall, it must have a resource allocation process that is fluid, real time and one that considers both current and projected work.”

Check out the original post here, including detailed examples of how Deltek Vision Resource Planning and Vision Navigator help Array ensure it has the right skills at the right time.


About Jon Bornstein

Jon Bornstein manages Deltek's marketing in the A&E industry across North America. His job is to ensure that firms understand the many ways they can drive business value using Deltek purpose-built solutions.
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