A&E marketing and business development guest post: YouTube Wins!

As social takes the business world by storm, certain platforms have been able to help firms more than others.

This is the fifth post in Deltek’s A&E marketing and business development blog series.  Founder and President of Stone and Company, expert David Stone, talks about how much room businesses have to grow with the use of YouTube.  With this insight (backed by Deltek Vision CRM and the integrated suite of Vision marketing solutions), Deltek’s goal is simple: To help your firm win more work! Enjoy. To learn more about Deltek Vision CRM and Vision Proposals, including support for Adobe InDesign as well as the Touch CRM mobile app, visit the Expo Hall at Insight or check out this demo.

“YouTube Wins!”

I’ve shared with you before some of the wisdom that I enjoy so much from Roy H. Williams, one of the great advertising geniuses of our time. He recently offered some thoughts about social media and how effective it can be in promoting our businesses. Here are Roy’s (paraphrased) thoughts compiled from some recent blog entries.

Facebook, for business, is a mirage. 
Can it successfully gather a crowd to hear a band perform at a bar? Absolutely. Social media, social event. Can it successfully be used by a physically-existing retail or service business as a substitute for mass media? No. It cannot.

A physically-existing business is one that lives in the land of sunlight. A purely online business, by contrast, lives in the light of the plasma screen. Check into those Facebook success stories and you’ll find them all to be businesses that sprang into existence after 2003. I defy you to find a physically-existing business who enjoyed success prior to 2003 that is now reducing its mass media budget because it has found Facebook to be a more effective use of ad dollars.

The answer is YouTube, not Facebook. YouTube is a message delivery vehicle that has yet to be maximized and its potential to grow a business is vastly greater than Facebook. The number of search strings typed into YouTube each day is second only to Google.

There were 1.46 trillion YouTube views in 2012. Let’s put that in perspective: One million seconds is about 12 days. One billion seconds is nearly 32 years. One trillion seconds is 31,688 years. This means 46,264 people per second click to watch a YouTube video 24/7/365. Nearly 3 million per minute, 4 billion per day. That’s 13 times the population of the United States every day.

And not all those YouTube views are just a bunch of teenagers watching a hundred videos a day. While it’s true that YouTube reaches 67% of the US population 18-34, it also reaches 59% of the 35-49 population, 52% of the 50-64 population and 48% of the 65+ population. Want to see a video on how to do something? Install a sink? Rig a block and tackle? Change a filter? Type it into YouTube and a self-appointed expert will appear. What does your firm know that you’d be willing to share for free in exchange for worldwide recognition?

There is no “next big thing” on the media horizon. I see only a teeming host of small and medium things. Here’s one of the best of the medium things. Get an iPhone 5. Use it to collect video of customers giving you real-world, real-time testimonials “in the moment.” Post these testimonials on YouTube and embed them on your website. It’s free. You don’t even need to know what you’re doing. Professional video editors are plentiful and affordable in the cloud.

You have things to say. Why not say them to the world? Why bother to fight against the wind on Facebook? The opportunity is on YouTube.

Thanks Roy! You can find more of Roy’s wisdom at his website http://www.rhw.com/


About Jon Bornstein

Jon Bornstein manages Deltek's marketing in the A&E industry across North America. His job is to ensure that firms understand the many ways they can drive business value using Deltek purpose-built solutions.
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