Deltek Insight 2013 – Vision General Session Recap

So a few hours ago we finished up the Vision Mini-general session where we talked about some of the new things that are on the horizon.  So for those that were not able to make the trip to Dallas Texas, no worries, we wanted to give you the highlights.


The Vision product has always focused to help project firms manage as many aspects of the project as possible without the need for complex integrations and separate tools and we continue with that vision (no pun intended.)  Since Insight 2012, the Vision team has been very busy releasing new capabilities and tools to help get things done faster, easier and to help more people in the organization work together around projects.


One of the first things that was highlighted was the release of Vision 7.1 (which actually released in August.)  Vision 7.1 brought many new capabilities including integration with Adobe InDesign on the Vision Proposals module, integration with Kona for Social Project Collaboration, Invoice Approvals, time sheet auditing, the ability to attach documents to AP Vouchers and Expense Reports and so much more.  Click here to download the “What’s New” product sheet to get all the details.

AP Vouchers

 But the team was not done.  The next thing to hit the stage was updates to the mobile applications including the new Touch CRM allowing access to contacts, clients and opportunities from iOS and Android devices.  The Touch Time application got some much requested updates as well.  Watch demos of those apps here.  You can get those for FREE in the Apple or Android app stores.  Just search for Deltek Touch Time or Deltek Touch CRM.

Contact Record

And this just took us to the halfway point of the session.  The next product to hit the stage was the new and updated Vision Performance Management (VPM.)  No more wasting valuable time sorting through data—with VPM, you gain a new level of visibility, control and insight into your business like never before!  The updates to VPM expand the data you can analyze —from CRM, Project Planning, Time Analysis, Contract Management, General Ledger Budgeting, DSO and much more.  This utilizes a brand-new presentation layer— powered by the world-class business intelligence solution from Tableau. This powerful and flexible presentation layer takes all of the data served up by the cubes and presents them in interactive, graphically oriented and visually rich dashboards.  VPM now ships with over 40 sample dashboards—that are role-based and easy to modify.  For more information about VPM, click here to watch our short video and download the product sheet.

Promo costs and AR Trending

The last thing we demoed, was latest release of Vision Navigator 1.6. What is Vision Navigator?  Navigator is an easy to use tool that gives Project Managers the ability to plan, review and execute projects.  This includes budgeting labor, expenses and consultants.  Navigator can be used by many people in the organization, not just Project Managers.  Anyone who enters time can use Navigator’s time sheet entry space to get their time recorded without having to go into Vision.  You can even access Navigator on your Tablet devices.  To learn more check out Vision Navigator.


But while 2013 was a busy year releasing a ton of new features and updates, there is no rest for the Vision team as we talked about what was on the map for 2014.  Sorry, had to be there for that sneak peak, but having just heard about everything myself, 2014 is going to be another busy year.


About Michelle Cipollone

Currently, Manager of Product Marketing for Deltek, Michelle has spent the last 18 years helping companies realize the value of ERP. Michelle's focus with Deltek is professional service firms and helping them realize their potential through project based ERP.
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