Vision Tips & Tricks – Part 1 – Change the Appearance of Required Fields

The Vision Tips & Tricks session is typically one of the most attended sessions at Insight. It is attended by beginners, intermediates, and experts who are all looking for easy to remember nuggets of information to unlock the power of Vision. Preparation for this session can be a daunting task as there needs to be something for everyone. The goals of the session are to share reminders of things forgotten, generate ideas regarding things not considered, and to bring awareness to the features you may not currently use.

The real challenge, however, is sharing these tips and tricks with a broader audience.  With that said, here is the first installment of the Vision Tip of the Week.

Use Display Settings to Change the Appearance of Required Fields:

Display settings were introduced in Vision 7.0. They are accessed from User Options. You can select a default color scheme or create your own. Each element has its own display setting. In the screenshot below, I’m placing a red border around required fields so that they are easier to see when I am working in Vision. Note: color settings are saved to your machine, and are applied to all Vision databases you access from that machine.


Look for my next tip next week.

Do you have a Vision tip or trick to share? Please email me to share yours. I’m always on the lookout for new tips & tricks to share. You can also request to be added to our client advisory council space on Kona. This space is used to share tips and tricks, as well as provide feedback on features and applications we are developing.



About Brent Johnson

Brent started with Deltek in May of 2010 as a Senior Designer for Vision. Prior to Deltek, he was an accountant in the A/E industry for 10 years.
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