PSMJ Staff & Management Compensation Benchmark Surveys

Leaders in the A&E industry, Deltek and PSMJ Resources frequently collaborate to share the expertise of our combined 70+ years of expertise/experience.  Case in point – please register for our Feb . 27 Project Management best practices webinar.

PSMJ has two compensation benchmark surveys that can add value to Deltek clients – please consider participating.  The deadline for both has been extended to Feb. 28.

  • The Staff Compensation Benchmark Survey, (1st Edition) collects data for 42 professional staff & technical positions as well as several support positions, based simply on years of experience.
  • The Management Compensation Benchmark Survey (32nd Edition) collects data on 18 management roles from Chairman of the Board to Junior Project Manager.  These roles may be filled by architects, engineers or other professional/technical staff.

There is no cost to participate and benefits for participating firms include (among others) a complimentary abridged customized PSMJ Personalized© Benchmark Tool(s), Excel-based, for each survey submitted providing key results with a click of the mouse.


About Jon Bornstein

Jon Bornstein manages Deltek's marketing in the A&E industry across North America. His job is to ensure that firms understand the many ways they can drive business value using Deltek purpose-built solutions.
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