The cloud: everything you wanted to know

Cloud computing is coming of age for A&E and Management Consulting firms.  Deltek is seeing this two ways:

  • Many Vision clients are moving their on-premise applications to the cloud.  Drivers range from freeing up IT resources to putting stronger disaster recovery plans in place.
  • For many new clients, the cloud is a firm-wide, strategic imperative. Companies simply don’t want to invest in on-premise applications.

If you’ve thought about the cloud and have questions or want to learn more, Deltek and Amazon Web Services are offering a webinar you won’t want to miss.  Join us on Tuesday, May 20 from 2-2:45 ET to learn everything you wanted to know about the cloud and its value to your firm.


Amazon Web Services is both the pioneer in cloud computing as well as a critical provider for Deltek’s SaaS offerings.  Spend 45 minutes with us to get a better sense of what the cloud is and how it can benefit your firm (including improving the security of your systems and data).


About Jon Bornstein

Jon Bornstein manages Deltek's marketing in the A&E industry across North America. His job is to ensure that firms understand the many ways they can drive business value using Deltek purpose-built solutions.
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