The Vision blog is moving to

The Vision blog is joining the rest of Deltek on

Don’t worry — all our content will still be available at the new location. You can also easily access the rest of Deltek’s great blog content.

Here’s what is changing:

  1. Vision will be available at this link on starting on July 17, 2014.
  2. You will need a Disqus account to comment on posts. Sign up at

If you’re subscribed by email or use an RSS reader to view this blog, you’ll need to update your subscription:

This blog will be shut down on August 11, so please update your subscription by then.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll help.


About Brian LaMee

Currently the VP of Product Marketing for Deltek, Brian has spent the last 20 years working with project focused firms helping understand trends, best practices and tools through the industry that help people and organizations leverage tools to streamline their business and processes.
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4 Responses to The Vision blog is moving to

  1. jane sassoon says:

    cannot figure out how to re-subscribe. the link didn’t seem to work for me.

  2. jmlicki says:

    Hey Brian, I clicked the Resubscribe link and it just takes me to the blog. I don’t see any place there to subscribe by email.

    Jason Mlicki Principal Rattleback 614.486.5181 direct 614.561.3233 mobile @rattlebacks

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