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Currently the VP of Product Marketing for Deltek, Brian has spent the last 20 years working with project focused firms helping understand trends, best practices and tools through the industry that help people and organizations leverage tools to streamline their business and processes.

The Vision blog is moving to

The Vision blog is joining the rest of Deltek on Don’t worry — all our content will still be available at the new location. You can also easily access the rest of Deltek’s great blog content. Here’s what is … Continue reading

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We want to find out what you think

As this blog turns 2 years old and is being followed by thousands of you, we wanted to let you help us shape the content moving forward.  Take this short, anonymous poll and let us know what you want to … Continue reading

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The two questions that keep most Professional Service Firm owners up at night

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Most CRM tools are designed for businesses that sell products to help these companies forecast demand and serve their customers well. It’s simple enough to determine the value of a potential sale — you just figure out how much of … Continue reading

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What projects are costing you money?

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You wouldn’t be in business unless you were making money, and you’ll be most successful if you keep close tabs on financial matters. Financials typically include such specific applications as the general ledger, accounts payable (the people you owe), accounts … Continue reading

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Making Sure You Get Paid

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What’s so hard about this? Just send out the bills and watch the cash flow in, right? Not necessarily. For project-based businesses, billing can present special challenges. Clients often specify exactly how they want to be billed and what the … Continue reading

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Running a Marathon in High Heels

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Ever run a Marathon in high heels? Would you try to run a Marathon in high heels? (Well truth be told, there are a few marathons where people actually do this on purpose, but for the most part, no, you … Continue reading

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5 reasons you should submit a session for Deltek Insight 2013

Right now submission for sessions for Deltek Insight 2013 is open until April 26th.  You may not know this, but many of the sessions delivered at Deltek Insight are not delivered by Deltek employees, but rather by Customers just like … Continue reading

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Over 250 firms are trying Vision Navigator…how about you?

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Over 250 firms have participated in the Vision Navigator Pre-release so far and the feedback has been great.  Navigator is changing the way Project Managers manage, review, and analyze their projects. Hear what customers think. Project Managers have asked for … Continue reading

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Three Gotchas With The Cloud and How To Avoid Them

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There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to SaaS vs Hosting and everything gets lumped into this idea of The Cloud.  But there are some key differences and some questions people usually don’t ask that can … Continue reading

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Don’t Expect Much Money for Infrastructure

In today’s Washington Post, Brian Lamee analyzes the impact of the election on U.S. Federal Government spending on civil engineering. Here is the CliffsNotes version: “the architecture, engineering and construction industry shouldn’t expect much relief in the short-term as Obama … Continue reading

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