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  1. In the Cash Receipts module, I think the grid should have a section for the client’s check number. Currently I have to put the check number and client name in the description field. I currently use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the all the checks we receive. I have had many times where the client says they paid an invoice on check number 12345 and I can not retrieve that information in Vision but I can do a find in excel. I feel like I am doing extra work for something that most software has the capability to do.

    • Brian LaMee says:

      Might have an alternative option.

      See the attached screenshot below. I am running the AR Ledger report, and I have included two additional columns (description 1 & description 2). Description 2 is where the description field is stored (in her case, client name and check #). Notice that I am using the find box to search for a check number, and Vision has highlighted the match for me.

      AR Ledger Report

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