2 webinars you don’t want to miss

Deltek has 2 upcoming webinars that you don’t want to miss.

Client Feedback

Share this with your marketing and business development teams: To drive your pipeline, on June 5 at 1:30 ET we’re teaming up with PSMJ Resources and Client Feedback Tool along with special guests Collins Engineers and Burns and McDonnell. We’ll detail, “How to use the loyalty of your EXISTING clients to help you win NEW clients.” Please register here.

Client satisfaction has long been one of those things relegated to “Of course our clients  love us, they would tell us if there was a problem.” That’s not the case. We’ll share:

  • How to integrate key client satisfaction metrics across strategic areas of your business.
  • Best practices for measuring and promoting your client satisfaction.
  • Specific case studies illustrating how two successful A&E firms have turned client satisfaction into a competitive advantage.

Clarity A&E Industry Study

The results of the 35th annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study are in and we’ll detail the results on June 17.   Please register here.

Our look at 2013 firm performance was produced in collaboration with ACEC, ACEC Canada and SMPS and is the largest survey of its kind in the industry. We’ll detail key performance metrics of both median and the highest-performing organizations, including labor utilization, labor multipliers, operating profit, overhead rates and net revenue per employee.

Deltek will also share the outlook for both revenue and market growth expectations as well as where firms are investing for the future.

In addition to getting a copy of 35th Annual Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study, you will also have the opportunity to benchmark your own firm against the best of best. From marketing and project management to financial control, you’ll walk away with immediate best practice recommendations.

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The cloud: everything you wanted to know

Cloud computing is coming of age for A&E and Management Consulting firms.  Deltek is seeing this two ways:

  • Many Vision clients are moving their on-premise applications to the cloud.  Drivers range from freeing up IT resources to putting stronger disaster recovery plans in place.
  • For many new clients, the cloud is a firm-wide, strategic imperative. Companies simply don’t want to invest in on-premise applications.

If you’ve thought about the cloud and have questions or want to learn more, Deltek and Amazon Web Services are offering a webinar you won’t want to miss.  Join us on Tuesday, May 20 from 2-2:45 ET to learn everything you wanted to know about the cloud and its value to your firm.


Amazon Web Services is both the pioneer in cloud computing as well as a critical provider for Deltek’s SaaS offerings.  Spend 45 minutes with us to get a better sense of what the cloud is and how it can benefit your firm (including improving the security of your systems and data).

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Clarity A&E Deadline Extension & First iPad Air Winner

Exciting news to start the week.

First, due to the large number of participants asking for a few extra days to complete their submissions for the Deltek Clarity A&E Industry Study, we’ve extended the deadline to April 23.   Click here to take advantage of the extra 12 days.

We’ve already got nearly 50% more participants than last year, and with this extension we’re on track for the largest edition ever of the most comprehensive benchmarking tool for the A&E industry.

And congratulations to the winner of the first iPad Air! Mark Holle, director of accounting at Sanderson Stewart, a regional, award-winning, collaborative community development services firm with offices in Billings, Bozeman, & Plains, Montana; Williston, North Dakota, and Denver, Colorado. Mark was among those that completed their submissions by the original April 11 deadline.

You still have a chance! We’ll award a second iPad Air to another lucky participant that completes their submission by April 23. If you’ve already started then you have 12 days to finish. And if you haven’t, you still have 12 days!

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Vision CRM tops among SMPS members

As good as we think Deltek Vision is, external validation is better.  With that said, we have news to share.


SMPS (the Society for Marketing Professional Services) is the premier industry association representing the marketing and business development side of professional services firms.  Its 6,000+ members come from 3,500 firms encompassing 80% of the Engineering News Record Top 500 Design Firms and Top 400 Contractors.  Increasingly, its membership is reaching beyond the AEC industry.

Every year, SMPS surveys its marketer and business developer members about the technology solutions they use.  The 2013 results are out and Vision ranks tops among CRM applications!

35% of members use Vision CRM (including the integrated suite of Proposals, Government Forms and Touch CRM mobile applications) with Excel coming in second at 14.3%.  Read more in Marketer, SMPS’ member magazine:

The contrast couldn’t be bigger.

Professional services firms sell their people and expertise, not products.  This is precisely why Vision CRM – whether integrated with Vision financial & project management and deployed on-premise or in the cloud – is designed around AEC clients and projects.   Whether you have one office or 100 and 10 employees or 10,000, Vision CRM provides one consistent, accurate view of clients and projects to help grow your business.

Spreadsheets were never intended to support firm-wide marketing and business development.  There’s a better way: Never again be caught with inaccurate forecasts or last-minute scrambles for biographies and project descriptions to finalize proposals.

Watch this Vision CRM on-demand demo to learn more.

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Join Deltek & PSMJ in Chicago, Dallas, Seattle & New York

The Deltek 2014 roadshow series is here!  If you’re an A&E or management consulting Deltek Vision client in/around Chicago, Dallas, Seattle or New York, please join us in May for a complimentary, half-day event designed to help you succeed more.  Engage directly with the Deltek experts, your account manager and area peers.


This year, we’re joined by PSMJ Resources.  This special keynote will focus on why Net Revenue Deficit should be one of your key metrics and how to improve it.

See you on the road!

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User Group meeting at SMPS Build Business

The annual SMPS Build Business conference is coming up and Deltek looks forward to hosting its second annual Vision CRM pre-conference User Group meeting.

Planning is underway and, central to that, we’d like your input on content: What would add the most value to you? Examples include:

  • Product deep dives
  • Best practices
  • U.S. Federal AEC market outlook
  • Do you have expertise you’d like to share with the group?

We look forward to your feedback. Please email MichelleCipollone (at) deltek.com and JonBornstein (at) deltek.com. To help us calibrate the session, please also let us know what version of Vision CRM your firm runs.


Michelle & Jon

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Expense Reports Made Easy with Vision Navigator!

No one likes to do expense reports, they are a necessary evil.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they were easier to do?

What if…

  • You didn’t have keep all those paper receipts, instead you could take a picture of your expense receipt, upload it and attach it to your expense report?
  • You could use your tablet to input your expense report?
  • You had visibility into the status of your submitted expense report – especially the PAID status?

Now, with the newest version of Vision Navigator, Navigator 1.8, you can enter your expense report from your tablet device, anytime anywhere.   The Navigator employee workspace, which previously included timesheets, has been enhanced to include expense reports.

Easy expense report entry – Easily create a new expense report, review and edit “in progress” reports, and see the status of your expense reports – from submitted, approved, posted to paid.

Attach expense receipts – attaching receipts is easier than ever.  Take a picture of your receipt or upload an electronic copy and attach it directly to the line on you rexpense report that corresponds to the expense receipt. It’s that easy.

Print your expense report – Not a problem, print directly from Navigator whenever you want or set up expense reports to print automatically when you submit them.

Expense Report

Employee Workspace – Expense Report View

What Else is New in Navigator 1.8?

We’ve added some new features and improved existing functionality with this release. Here are some highlights:

New Features

  • Timesheet Selection Panel:  We have added a Timesheet Panel to make selecting, copying and/or viewing the status of your timesheet easier.
  • Timesheet Print Report to Include Revision Audit Report: You can now include your Revision Audit Report when printing your timesheet.
  • Timesheet Print Report When Submitted:  Just like Vision, you can now automatically print your timesheet when submitted.

 Usability Improvements

  • Timesheet Printing:  Will now remembers your last selections (even across sessions) when printing timesheets.
  • Display Menus:  Improved and more consistent look.
  • Support Internet Explorer 11
  • Support Safari with Private Browsing
  • And More…..

Navigator 1.8 is available to all Vision customers’ current on maintenance at no additional charge.


Download the latest version of here (this version of Navigator is compatible with Vision 7.1 and Vision 7.2).

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Welcome Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates to the Vision family!

Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc. Selects Deltek Vision for Customer Relations Management Solution & Enterprise Resource Planning (CRM ERP).  Director of Business Services Casey Boswell said that the integrated suite provides powerful reporting features not offered through their previous software that would help the company increase efficiency with improved access to data.

Read the Full Sail Partners press release here

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Applying PM Best Practices Using Deltek Vision

Last week, Deltek hosted one of it’s most popular webinars ever!  Two of the A&E industry’s foremost experts, Dave Burstein of PSMJ Resources and Deltek’s Bob Stalilonis, shared project management best practices based on 70+ collective years of experience. Don’t worry if you missed it – the recording is available here.

Kathy Bagford, a Deltek client in Atlanta, had a great idea: a follow-up session showing how to apply those best practices using Deltek Vision.

Thanks to Kathy, we are running that webinar on March 11 at 1:00 ET.  Register here to attend.

Experts Dawn Gajewski and Bob Gillcrist will show how to use Vision for several of the most important project management challenges, including:

  • Go/No Go
  • Workplan
  • Negotiation
  • Monitoring
  • Adjusting
  • Reporting

This will be a great “how to” session for Deltek Vision clients.  Again, please register here – we’ll see you online.

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Vision 7.2 – Do More!

I find myself continually asking customers, “Have You Seen Vision Lately”?  If you haven’t seen Vision lately (even in the last few months), it’s time to take a look again.

Deltek Vision 7.2, Navigator 1.7 and Touch Time and Touch CRM 1.2 were made available in December.  Haven’t upgraded yet?  Let’s take a look at what’s available to you…

Deltek Vision 7.2 – Do More
Along with improvements and enhancements to the user interface, here are some of the great features you will be receiving with this newest release

More Control

Deltek Vision 7.2 now offers Timesheet auditing for better controls on timesheet entry and timesheet correction.

Audit History

Timesheet auditing helps firms avoid revenue shrinkage by avoiding losing hours that could have been billed, helps firms have control around who is making time changes, minimizes the time it takes to correct errors in time recording and gives visibility into corrections and changes that are made to timesheets.

This feature stores the details of what was entered on a timesheet, what was changed on a timesheet by whom, when the changes were made, and explanations for why the changes were made. The audit log records all changes to the timesheet with an employee, time and date stamp for the changes. There is also an option to require an explanation of the change.

Also included is floor check, which is a process required by the DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) to insure compliance for those firms doing work with the Federal government.

Timesheet auditing allows for transfers, which give additional controls on time changes even after the timesheet is posted.

More Collaboration

Deltek Vision 7.2 offers additional integration with Deltek’s Collaboration tool, Kona (www.kona.com).  Now firms can collaborate easier in the business development and project management processes right from Vision.

Vision opportunities are integrated with Kona for efficient collaboration around opportunity management. This integration helps firms improve communication and accountability around the proposal process with Kona’s group task management and conversations in context of the proposal. Additionally, it allows for a smoother way to review, provide input and conduct the approval process around a proposal.

Vision projects are also integrated with Kona allowing for the creation of a Kona space right from your project. From here you can collaborate with the project team including the client and contractors all from one space.  The benefits to this type of collaboration allow you to build a strong relationship with the client and have everything anyone needs to know about the project in one place. Getting new project team members up to speed quickly mid-project is also much easier with everything in one space.

Kona proj

More Global

Globalization tools to help your firm expand into new markets around the world. Even if you are not doing business internationally these features add power and flexibility to Vision:

    • Multiple tax code support and improvements to tax analysis report
    • Improvements in bank reconciliation and payment processing
    • Refinements to EFT


To gain access to Vision 7.2, simply log into Deltek Software Manager through Customer Care Connect and select Vision 7.2.

Vision Navigator 1.7 – Succeed More

This latest release of Deltek’s Vision Navigator – boasts deeper integration with Kona Business – the project collaboration tool that equips people to connect, organize, discuss and get things done around their projects, gives the ability to print timesheets and we’ve added new project dashparts giving a PM a quick visual of the overall status of their project.

New Features

  • Timesheet Reports: You can now run a detailed or summarized PDF of your timesheet, which means, you can now print your timesheet!
  • Timesheet Revision Auditing: A new feature of Vision 7.2 will honored in Navigator 1.7 if configured in Vision 7.2.
  • Dashboard Charts: We’ve added 2 new Project charts and re-organized the “Switch Dashparts” dialog to make it easier, now that we have 12 dashparts!
  • Kona Widget: A new Kona widget – available when Kona is loaded as an app – has replaced the old Kona panel in Navigator. With this new widget you can now add, view and include details in conversations, tasks and events. Note that as of this release, a subscription to Kona Business is required in order to take advantage of the complete Kona/Navigator integration.
  • Multi-Lingual: Navigator is available in all supported languages.
  • Forgot Your Password/User ID: If you forgot your password or User ID on the login screen, you can click on the link to send your User ID or reset your password.

Navigator with Kona Widget

To gain access to Vision Navigator, simply log into Deltek Software Manager through Customer Care Connect and select Vision Navigator.

Deltek Touch CRM 1.2

New with version 1.2 is the ability to view activities 

With Deltek Touch CRM for Vision, Deltek Vision CRM customers now have access to critical information they need – anytime, anywhere! Available at no charge for Vision CRM customers who are current on maintenance, Deltek Touch CRM allows you to:

  • View, add, edit or delete contacts and clients according to your Vision security role
  • View Activities
  • Manage Opportunities
  • See user defined fields in contacts, client and opportunities
  • Make a phone call or send an email with the touch of a button

Gain 24 x7, easy and secure access to CRM data.

For more information on Touch CRM click here.

Deltek Vision Touch Time 1.2

New with version 1.2, start and end times

Touch Time 1.2 is the newest version of mobile time for Vision. Touch Time allows Vision users to enter time from anywhere at any time, from their mobile device and is available at no charge for customers who are current on maintenance.

For more information on Touch Time please click here

What should you do ?

  • Download Vision 7.2 now and make plans to upgrade soon!
  • Take a closer look at Navigator and see how your firm can benefit!
  • Be mobile and start using the free Touch apps!
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